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Reflexology Foot Massage

The Ancient Tradition of Thai Foot Massage Reflexology (Nuat Pan Boran)


Reflexology Point

Holistic medicine is a broad range of medical practices that are based on many years of tradition.(2000 years old) With my Reflexology Treatment. 

Thai Foot Massage is kind of pressure areas of the soles of the feet. Uses hands, fingers thumbs knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil. Thai Foot Massage is a marriage between the ancient healing arts of Reflexology. Working with the fife. lower leg and knees.

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Benefits of Foot Massage

Thai language call "Nuat Pan Boran" The special technique provides relaxation, balance in the body's, and healthy blood circulation. Relief from stress, back and other chronic pain, sleep disorder, fibromyalgia, gout, migraine, arthritis, diabetes, kidney, and digestive problems.

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